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claim_character's Journal

Claim A Fictional Character
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Blatantly stealing the concept from claim_a_ljuser and claim_a_celeb (thanks to those guys, btw) this is the LJ Community for you to claim your very own fictional character! Be they from movies, TV, literature or wherever else you fancy you can claim your favourite character here!

Characters will be grouped by the universe they hail from, or just in a general list if they are miscallaneous. Please feel free to contact those people who have claimed other characters from your universe...maybe it will spawn fanfic, or RPG, or even more communities?? :) Have fun, guys!

Community Rules:
1) Only one claim per user.
2) Only one user per character. Characters may be shared, but both users must agree to the share.
3) No fighting or flaming over characters, guys! This is just for fun.
4) If you try to claim more than one character, I will take the first one as your claim.
5) If you do not state where your character is from, and whether that is a book, TV show, movie etc then you won't claim them and they will still be available. I don't have the time to search the net looking for who you mean.
6) Where crossovers occur (i.e. Harry Potter and LOTR being both books and movies), unless you state which one specifically, it will be upto my discretion where I place them in the claim list. And please don't bitch to me if I put something down as a movie when you prefer the book version or whatever - I'm not culturally devoid, and I'm aware of which movies were also books. But if you don't specify, then I'll put it wherever I fancy at the time of updating.
7) You are not staking any legal claim on the intellectual property of these character's creators. This community doesn't intend any infringement.
8) Please feel free to make banners and post them on your sites or in your journals, but remember to either mention us or link back to us. Thanks!

This community is co-maintained by cinesister and beautifulcynic, and co-founded by donna_c_punk (who also rocks the llama's ass *g*) in case you're wondering why we're allowed three each. :)


Animal House
Bluto Blutarsky claimed by bluto_blutarsky

Chasing Amy
Banky Edwards claimed by isisthecrisis

Fight Club
Tyler Durden claimed by 6de6mn6

Harry Potter
Draco Malfoy claimed by jessucrebel
Hermione Granger claimed by fi_ickyouaurora
Oliver Wood claimed by chibullz7
Remus Lupin claimed by glerf
Ron Weasley claimed by pezzamistic
Severus Snape claimed by cleverness
Sirius Black claimed by dosei_chan

Interview with the Vampire
Louis de Pointe du Lac claimed by silverthoughts

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Jay claimed by roxyroll72

Lord of the Rings: FOTR
Aragorn claimed by leggyslove
Boromir claimed by thepiratequeen
Dinendal claimed by dinendal
Frodo Baggins claimed by fuuh
Haldir claimed by pinion
Legolas Greenleaf claimed by elrondperedhil
Merry Brandybuck claimed by malsirien
Pippin Took claimed by secretagentspan

Moulin Rouge!
Christian claimed by franzi1981

Star Wars Trilogy
Luke Skywalker claimed by rawly

Velvet Goldmine
Curt Wild claimed by opheliarose

Young Guns/Young Guns II
Josiah Gordon 'Doc' Scurlock claimed by st_raoul

Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger
Holden Caulfield claimed by vital

Dragonlance (author unspecified)
Raistlin Majere claimed by headlesscactus

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Bill Weasley claimed by ithildin
Draco Malfoy claimed by jiffy_spiffy
Hermione Granger claimed by donna_c_punk
Remus Lupin claimed by glerf

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Louis de Pointe du Lac claimed by silverthoughts

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein
Gimli claimed by mizu202
Legolas Greenleaf claimed by minyafalas
Merry Brandybuck claimed by neffable

Love In The Time Of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Florentino Ariza claimed by gnosis_soul

Phantom Tollbooth, The by Norman Juster
Milo claimed by darkangelsgirl

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Fitzwilliam Darcy claimed by valar_v

Jack Bauer claimed by cinesister
Nina Myers claimed by beautifulcynic
Tony Almeida claimed by beautifulcynic

3x3 Eyes
Yukumo Fujii claimed by dktheman02

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Drusilla claimed by raindragon
Jonathon Levinson claimed by punkvampyrkitty
Spike claimed by sparkle_frog

Cowboy Bebop
Spike Spiegel claimed by djpatientzero

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Gil Grissom claimed by cinesister
Nick Stokes claimed by sarahchica

Dead Zone, The
Johnny Smith claimed by alsie

Dragon-Ball Z
Vegeta claimed by elvenwolfcub

Trip Tucker claimed by donna_c_punk

Fairly OddParents, The
Chip Skylark claimed by dreamtrance

Phoebe Buffay claimed by youngrhiannon
Rachel Green claimed by durlxnemesis

Horatio Hornblower
Archie Kennedy claimed by isabel79

Looney Tunes
Marvin the Martian claimed by chifred

Adrian Monk claimed by xanaxpsychosis

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Rei Ayanami claimed by summonessyuna

Pride and Prejudice
Fitzwilliam Darcy claimed by valar_v

Sex and the City
Miranda Hobbs claimed by donna_c_punk

Simpsons, The
Lionel Hutz claimed by pappillonrox

SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants claimed by crazylike_afox

Sports Night
Jeremy Goodwin claimed by alexparker

Stargate SG-1
Daniel Jackson claimed by scorpionmars

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Commander Data claimed by gigs_83

Nicholas D. Wolfwood claimed by rinoa

West Wing, The
Claudia Jean (CJ) Cregg claimed by beautifulcynic
Josh Lyman claimed by xsabx

X Files, The
Fox Mulder claimed by cinesister

Video Games
Parasite Eve
Aya Brea claimed by lulu_mcbrea